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Introducing our new shoe design.

The Shoe That Grows, reimagined.


New and improved features
create a better solution for kids living in poverty.

After years of planning, research and design, we're so excited to share with you our new and improved version of The Shoe That Grows! We’ve listened to your feedback, collected data and samples from the field, and designed a shoe that we think will last longer, fit more comfortably, and be a better solution for kids living in poverty.

New Shoe Features

Highlighted features

1. A more adjustable back strap creates a better fit. And, after seeing kids prefer to wear shoes as slip-ons, it’s also completely removable.

2. Reshaped, straighter sole better matches the wear patterns we've seen.

3. Patterned straps are made with nylon webbing for increased durability.

4. Increased thickness along the sides where straps pass through adds to the life of the shoe.

5. A hook closure replaces the old post and hole design. This is a game changer as it’s more secure, lasts longer, and is very easy to adjust.

6. New top strap secures the shoe better than ever while providing more protection and a streamlined look.

7. Newly contoured upper will hug the top of the foot better for a more comfortable and more stylish fit.

8. A thicker sole—especially in areas where wear patterns indicate kids need it most—provides more protection and will last longer.

9. New tread pattern on the bottom adds grip and durability.


Now available in five sizes!

The new version of The Shoe That Grows is offered in five different sizes, spanning from toddlers through adults.

New Shoe Sizes Age US EUR UK
XSmall 1 – 2.5 5C – 9C 21 – 25 4 – 8
Small 3 – 6 9C – 13C 25 – 29 8 – 12
Medium 7 – 11 13C – 4Y 31 – 35 12 – 3
Large 12 – 16 5W – 9W 36 – 40 3 – 7
XLarge 16+ 10W – 14W 41 – 45 8 – 12

New shoe, new pricing model.

The new version of The Shoe That Grows will cost $20.00 per pair. This new price point will cover the costs associated with producing and distributing shoes, while also allowing us to continue working towards our mission. This means each shoe order is not only helping give kids more opportunities to succeed, but also helping fight poverty through innovation! Here’s a breakdown of where each cent goes.


Shoe Production

The cost to manufacture a pair of shoes, including materials, labor and transport.


The cost to process each order, including payment processing, packaging and handling.

Because Team

A portion goes towards salaries for our team members who work with The Shoe That Grows program.


A portion goes towards the overhead costs that keep Because International running day-to-day.


A portion goes back towards further research and development for The Shoe That Grows.


A portion goes towards other programs central to our mission, including expanded local production.


Order the new version of The Shoe That Grows.