10 reasons why I don’t just work for a shoe company

What’s my background for this role as the Because Church Suite Manager? Glad you asked. I have been in youth ministry for over 20 years and have also served as a volunteer missionary with my wife and three kids. I have been involved in youth ministry training for many years and young adult mobilizing for short-term missions. I have been a part of the church all my life as a Christ-follower, missionary, and pastors kid (yes, those three are compatible).

Why was I drawn to Because vocationally? After bumming office space from them for a few months as a young adult missions mobilizer, I started noticing a few attractive and contagious traits within their organizational culture.

Which now brings us to...10 reasons why I don’t just work for a shoe company...

  1. This ain’t just a shoe company! These folks are leveraging innovation to combat poverty and that’s appealing to me.

  2. Their leadership culture is bar-none and they are batting way above their organizational maturity level for their average age and collective experience. At 42 years old I am currently the oldest employee on staff being led by mostly millennials and loving it! They are leading up with teachable spirits.

  3. The vision for Because pushes beyond product and production to pursuit by mentoring other entrepreneurs as they bring their innovative practical compassion products to market.

  4. Because creates jobs in other countries through the production of its products. 19 jobs were created in Ethiopia in 2018 and our goal for 2019 is 50 jobs between production in Ethiopia and Kenya. I want to be a part of that!

  5. I believe youth ministry is the easiest ministry to be the most innovative of any local church and a role where I get to journey with youth leaders and coach with them as they lead their students is a privilege!

  6. Because partners with both churches and non-religious organizations.

  7. There is an open office space with a nurturing culture that promotes hard work and fun loving!

  8. Everything is a team effort. Directors and employees strive equally for excellence within their areas of giftedness, talent, and strengths.

  9. Because is growing and I wanted to be a part of the future expression of practical compassion that Christ is shaping through it to help equip the church.

  10. I needed a job. Actually plural. Jobs. Because is one of the vocational jobs I have that help fulfill my calling to the church and mission. (I believe vocational diversification for those called to be clergy is the future but that’s another blog post). I just happened to need a job at the same time Because was creating the Church Suite Manager role. Funny how these things happen.

So there’s a little about me and why I so enjoy my role and the people I get to work with at Because International. I look forward to getting to know you! Please let us know how we can help you as we partner together.

Stay tuned for more Church Suite updates and monthly blog posts.

Next month I will be sharing some highlights from our beta-testers of the ShoeBox four lesson series of youth ministry curriculum and fundraising efforts.

Kenny Wade
Church Suite Manager