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At Because, we believe that innovation is the key to fighting poverty.
Our unique approach attacks the problem from three different angles in order to create more opportunities for individuals and elevate communities.

The Cycle of Innovation

Innovative products improve daily life.

There are children in every country in the world who are in need of resources to improve their daily lives. Millions of children die each year from preventable causes. Hundreds of millions more suffer illnesses that prevent them from being healthy and attending school.

We focus on inventing and developing products for kids challenged by poverty. We hope to bring sustainable change that will create a world where families can provide everything their children need. But, until that time, it is a reality that kids are struggling, suffering, and sometimes dying from not having key resources for their health, education, and more. We believe our products can change that.

Innovative products like The Shoe That Grows and Bednet Buddy can help kids be more healthy, attend school more often, and be more confident. We work with individuals and organizations to distribute products to children and their communities. We depend on people like you to get products to those who need them most!



Local production creates jobs.

According to the UN, 783 million people live on less than $1.90 per day. The overwhelming lack of sustainable jobs prevents individuals from rising out of poverty.

Our goal is to manufacture our innovative products in the countries and regions where we distribute them most. Local and regional production brings many benefits including job creation, reduced carbon footprint, lower shipping costs, and more culturally relevant products. We are committed to using production to fight the negative cycle of poverty by creating opportunity for real, measurable, long-term economic growth.



The Pursuit Incubator continues the cycle.

In impoverished countries, those who want to innovate are often stuck just trying to survive. Their daily needs outweigh the luxury of creativity. We believe these are the communities that need innovation the most.

We seek out entrepreneurs living in poverty who have an idea for a life-changing product and provide empowerment through our online incubator—resourcing and equipping to help make their idea a reality.


Payton McGriff of Style Her Empowered (SHE) is a current entrepreneur in the Pursuit Incubator. SHE is supporting 150 girls in Togo—providing support for education, teaching life skills, and providing after school programming. Pursuit is supporting the development of SHE’s innovative product idea: a growing school uniform.


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