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Bednet Buddy

A bednet that kills mosquitoes and can go anywhere.


Malaria threatens roughly half of the world’s population.

Kids ages 0–5 are the population group that is most susceptible to malaria illness and death.

A traditional bednet hangs from a ceiling and drapes down over a bed to provide protection. However, many children worldwide don’t live in a dwelling with a roof or ceilings and sleep exposed to mosquitoes and the illnesses they carry.

Bednet Buddy can change that.


Bednet Buddy Bag

Folds up for easy storage and carrying

Bednet Buddy Pop-Up Bednet

pop-up tent is ready to go in seconds

Bednet Buddy Net

Treated with long lasting insecticide

When I was in Kenya I saw kids who slept inside who had bednets, and I slept under a net, but a lot of the kids I saw slept outside. And those kids didn’t have any type of net they could use.
— Kenton Lee, Founder
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Bednet Buddy

Bednet Buddy is a freestanding pop-up tent that protects children from mosquitoes and malaria while they sleep.

  • Treated with long-lasting insecticide that’s safe for kids

  • Folds up into a carrying case with backpack straps

  • Unique design makes it fun for kids to use

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