It all begins with listening to those who live in extreme poverty everyday to hear their thoughts, ideas, and dreams for how life can be improved.

Identify Idea

There are a lot of ideas out there. We try to use good judgment to find the best one that could provide the most sustainable product.

Expand Idea

Fleshing out the idea to cover it from every angle is important. We do research, ask questions, dream big, and ultimately find the best direction to proceed with the idea.


The next step in the process is making a prototype. This is one of the hardest steps but also one of the most important. It is vital to have a minimum viable product to test. This is where the tinkering, engineering, and designing comes into play.


We try to always test our prototypes in the places where they are going to be used. We test them with the local people in their everyday, regular lives. We love to receive feedback from the people who are testing our prototypes.

Final Product

After feedback from testing – we are ready to manufacture our final product. Yeah! 

Continued Improvement: We continue to listen to those using our products in order to make them better and better and better.


Listening is one of our Guiding Principles.

We believe in it so strongly because it is the foundation of all that we do. Our Founder Kenton Lee always says, “I’m just a white guy from Idaho. I don’t know what people need around the world.” We recognize that the best way for us to respond with Practical Compassion to the needs of those living in extreme poverty is to listen to those who are living in extreme poverty. 

It sounds simple. We try to keep it that way. As long as we are in existence – we will always begin with listening.


Coming in 2016


Coming in 2016